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I reached out to Victoria because I wanted some help healing my inner-child - I was stuck with some old, painful beliefs. Victoria gave me her full attention, spirit, and time to connect with the energies, my ancestors and angels that allowed me to let go and see how my beliefs were holding me back. She continued her healing the following day as she did an energy clearing of my home. If you are feeling stuck or blocked, reach out to Victoria.... she will help! - Dover

Thank you so much for the work over the last several days Victoria! You are an amazing healer & put your love & knowledge into your work 150 % I can't thank you enough, you have brought peace to the situation that I needed help & clarification with! Your an angel on earth! Many blessings. 💜💙

Good morning, everyone. I would like to recommend a new friend. She’s a super person and a very talented healer and reader. Please check out her site www.yourtruesoulintentions - (Charles Grant, My Psychic Sidekick)

Vicky, Words cannot express the absolutely magical experience that took place during our session! I have felt like something has been holding me back for quite sometime and after doing our work together I feel free again...like a huge weight was lifted! I was truly impressed by your skill and dedication to your craft. You put every ounce of your heart and soul into your work and you have a true gift. I feel blessed that I was able to do this work with you! I highly recommend Vicky to anyone who is looking to gain clarity and insight to harness your inner truth. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Vicky for helping me to heal and move forward in a positive direction with my life. - Dover, NH

I can't say enough nice things about Vicki! Not only does she make you feel super comfortable, but she's almost a master healer. I learned so much about myself through her sessions and grew immensely. She helped me release old negative feelings and connect more spirtitually. Not to mention, she makes the process fun! It's always exciting getting to go in for a session with Vicki. She has so many hidden talents and abilities that make the healing process really interesting. My car even broke down in her driveway once and I felt so bad but she was really kind about the whole thing. I would recommend her to anyone! - K. Brown

Victoria's gift is also a blessing to others! She is clear, positive, and provides wonderful healing results! I physically felt the work AS she was working with me. I enjoy working with Victoria, the process flows nicely and I am very comfortable being connected with her. I strongly recommend that you have a session with her, you will not be disappointed! - D. Whitney

Hi Vicky,

It was lovely to work with you. Thank you for all of your guidance. What an amazing experience! I cannot tell you the significance throughout the building of my house (facilitator’s note: after our session, I did a home clearing or in this case…a home building!). You were right on about so many things….. I love the heart for a door!! Like a Virgin (By Madonna), of all songs (I heard this while building the house) comes to me regularly and yes, I have felt I have been in my own words, in the wilderness.

I loved your work and will certainly be back and will refer you. Thank you so much again. I feel your work helped clear the way for a much brighter future by addressing and clearing blocks I would not have discovered otherwise!!

A long distance client...

I have worked with Vicky for more than two years and we have never met in person. I am extremely critical of "psychics" because of their generalized answers. But that's not how she rolls. She has helped with so many issues, even from past lives.

Who knows you better than you do? Your guides. Vicky connects with your guides to help clear issues that are holding you back and you probably didn't even know about them.

We have most of our sessions on the phone, a few in email. When I'm on the phone with her she tells me everything she's doing and why. I can hear in her voice the genuine emotions from her as we clear sad past events and rejoice in the "ahh" moment when a weight is lifted. I often pray that she can help others and not drain herself.

I'm blessed to know her and I know you won't be disappointed.- Seattle, WA

Taken from a text I received after a session with a very wonderful client:

"So this is strange...but wanted to share. As I was driving today, my window was dirty with a horrible sun glare and seeing and driving was difficult. I noticed the borromean rings several times on my dirty window, which shined through only when the sun hit the windshield...I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The three circles were so perfect and symmetrical, that it appeared as though they were stamped from a man made object...I looked it up and found info about mind, body and spirit, including DNA to bring unity in ones being.....clearly, your work is working on me!! Someone let me know that! :) Though you should know your gifts are being received!. (with a postscript): I will always be and advocate for you and your work! - NH

Hi Vicky,

Thanks so much. Processing the session. It was really wonderful. I got to bed late last night and thought I'd be exhausted in the am, but for the first time in 6 years I didn't have the brain fog and pressure in my head that I've had every day since a bad concussion. I feel much more at ease, clearer and lighter. I'll be in touch about another session. Thanks again for all your help! - Exeter, NH

"You just have to see for yourself, there are no words for what Vicky does!" From a returning client, who brought a friend for a session. - Portsmouth, NH

I’m in my mid-sixties, and for most of my life I’ve struggled with PTSD. There have been times when the darkness has been so overwhelming that life has seemed pathetic and pointless. I believe that I may have long met my demise if not for my core self telling me that these perspectives are not true. I also believe that it was my core self that led me to Vicky. She is a gifted healer and a bountifully compassionate soul. Living less than an hour’s drive from her, I’ve had the great privilege of seeing her in person. I feel a healing response in me as soon as I’m in her presence. I just feel better.

And I love watching her work. Using a system of muscle strength testing between fingers of her right and left hands, she has the amazing ability to methodically pin-point the issues. She finds the channels (or “meridians” as she calls them) that need clearing and works with me to purge them of all the emotional junk that I’ve been hauling around. The clarity that results fills me with the confidence that any earnest work I do on myself will bear fruit and that everything I ever wanted to be is not only well within reach, it is inevitable.

The work then doesn’t seem so difficult after all - just a decision each moment to step in the direction of my highest good. So I want to keep practicing present-mindedness as well as the discernment to choose between love and fear. Okay I can do that.

Now I know I’m not done with the pain. But I can see my way out of it, and more and more I get a sense of the joy that’s possible from simply being alive. People like Vicky help point the way, and should I again find myself lost and anguished, I’ll call her. In the meantime I’ll just keep chugging along assured that there will be help if I need it. The way is definitely sweeter knowing this.

Thanks again so much, Victoria, for being who you are as well as for being willing to share it with the rest of us. By the way that’s a charming little video on Facebook you made about muscle testing (yep – giving away your secrets, Vicky). - Newton, NH

Victoria, thank you for spending that time with me, you truly did something really awesome, although I have no idea what it is. I don't need to know what it is, after all... <lesson> I'm feeling better and I'm sure I will be feeling much better as time goes on. Very happy and grateful , you come highly recommended by me and I can't wait to try your products. Thanks again. - Heather Starr

"Before I met Vicky I was told I’m an intuitive empath, but at 22 years old I haven’t done much with my gift. Although I have learned fairly quickly I take on energies around me leaving myself emotionally drained. Vicky worked with me to heal my inner child and put up boundaries with family, friends and those around me who are potential energy suckers. With doing so I have learned a lot about my beautiful soul I buried deep within. After working with Vicky she told me that on the third day after my meeting I would feel refreshed and reborn. That third day I left my job, something I wanted to do but didn’t know how due to my lack of self-esteem. I walked away from that job feeling empowered that I stood up to my boss and to not allow others to use me as they have in the past. Vicky cleared my blocks leaving me with a new love of life which I had lost somewhere in my journey. Vicky truly has a beautiful soul and a welcoming light. I can’t thank her enough for helping me and I would recommend her to anyone whole-heartedly". – Danville NH

I have known Victoria Bourque since 2011 and she is a good friend of mine. She is spiritual, a healer, psychic, a lightworker and a person dedicated to the higher spiritual advancement of individuals and our planet. She is also what I refer to as a "life enhancement coach" and uses her special gifts to enable you to find clarity, healing and empowerment in whatever situation you find yourself currently in. If you are "stuck in a rut", feeling blocked and stagnant in your life, she can help you. If you are motivated, open-minded and willing to do the work you WILL see positive changes. Regardless of your spiritual background or faith she will work diligently on your behalf. She has helped me, my family and my home to become positive and peaceful through her work with us over the past several years. I have made great strides but still remain "a work in progress", but I know Victoria Bourque will be with me along the way. If you are seeking clarity and healing, give her a try. She is offering special discounts through this month. You will not be disappointed. She is the "real deal" and just "good people" to boot. - Elizabeth, Northboro, MA

I recommend her to all of my friends because I honestly believe that she can really help people with anything that they’re going through. - NH

I have worked with Victoria in two separate sessions now and I would highly recommend working with her to anyone. I had both of my sessions over the phone and I felt like each session was given as much care and attention as it would have been in person. She is very personable and has a very friendly and warm demeanor. I often feel uncomfortable meeting new people and from day one I felt comfortable talking with Victoria. Each session was extremely helpful with personal issues and clarity. She is always spot on with issues going on with me or even picking up issues going on with others around me. I really felt a lot of old emotions and issues clear out after our last session and I feel more able to focus on the present. Victoria does an amazing job and is devoted and dedicated to her work. I plan to work with her again in the near future! - Lisa, Nashua, NH

I have gone to Vicky twice now... and both times I have left feeling incredibly happy and full of excitement towards the future like a weight has lifted off of me. She is passionate and caring and really determined to help people. First, I went to her to move on and heal from my ex and one month later I was really happy in a new relationship! Then, I went to her for a fear that I couldn’t get rid of, and after just one session with her I saw huge results. I plan on going back to her if I ever have anything else going on. I recommend her to all of my friends because I honestly believe that she can really help people with anything that they’re going through. - NH

I am very inspired by what you do because you truly make a

difference in others lives. - Beverly, MA

"Victoria is a blessing to our family. She cleared our home (see her blog on her website: "There are Such Things as Ghosts") with great success and caring and within the next few days we all felt a shift in our lives and family. She was extraordinary at healing my daughter with great kindness and love. I truly feel that she is a healing angel in our lives and look forward to a lifelong relationship with her. I trust her completely! W.L - California

Taken from a new client’s receipt of information and notes that were cleared during a long-distance spiritual surgery session. She was not in attendance for the session and I relayed this information to her after I worked:

Speechless! I am planning on calling you later today after I absorb the immense truth of your email, I hesitated telling you that I ALWAYS get 111 or 1111, each day. It is a joke in the family because they all notice it, it is so obvious. The car plate in front of me, clocks, timers, receipts for purchases, everywhere and forever. My youngest son now gets "the numbers" very frequently, and says mom I got the 111 today in the strangest place. When I saw in your email 11-11-11 moss agate essence, I almost fell to my knees, I couldn't breathe, my heart is still racing. I was taking notes and not one mention or idea that you had was anything other than precisely spot on. I am blown away!

We have hawks here that use our building for a perch to hunt rabbits and I am mesmerized by them. That's how specific and precise your words are. I have had energy work done in the past, yes at 48 when I was separated, man forgiveness, and working to save my marriage. Always throat chakra, heart chakra, and right side. All my physical ailments have been right sided, migraines on right side, right leg, gallbladder, etc. feeling so overwhelmed by caring for male energy, two boys, husband, all very male by nature. Ok, I could write all day, just wanted you to know how grateful and yes shocked at how precise your work is. I am feeling so understood. Thank you so much! - Scottsdale, AZ

I recently worked with Victoria Bourque who was willing and confident that she could help me release 40 years of angst, anger, self-loathing, and mental exhaustion from years of being fearful and obsessed, trying to control the hurt, and being shunned by several different men. She knew right away it stemmed from being abused at a young age and even pegged a neighbor as being the abuser. Her kindness and love and professionalism made me completely at ease as she worked her magic by helping to take me back and healing me at that age and clearing the blocks that were preventing me from healing. I seriously spent nearly 40 yrs with different therapists telling me the same thing: it wasn't considered abuse because the boy was close to my age. Victoria quickly went to action to release me from that pain from long ago and in doing so, she freed me and immediately I felt relaxed. I was very much looking forward to having a session and have had amazing results that were better than I thought they would be.. Bless you Victoria, I will always be comforted knowing you and my angels and my guides are working to help me acquire the abundances I rightly deserve. W.K. - California

I had a wonderful session with Victoria after which I felt a profound positive shift in my life. Her uplifting energy and love to help others heal was evident throughout the session. I look forward to more healing sessions with Victoria! Thanks so much!! - Isha

You are truly Blessed!!!

An Angel !!! Love you, Love and Admire your Blessing!! - NH

Dear Vicky,

A quick note to let you know how grateful I am for our session last Friday afternoon. I am THANKFUL for your kindness, your sensitivity, your patience and for your generosity with your time. I really appreciate you wanting to be thorough . . . Your willingness to work with me until the job was done. This is a rare quality these days and it is quite apparent that you truly care and love what you do. Thank You for sharing your gift with me. I look forward to working with you again and to, hopefully, meeting you (in person) some time this year. Take good care. - Charlotte, NC

This was the only method of healing that truly brought me to a peaceful place. It feels good to have finally found happiness and love! I'm done with the old patterns of fear and self-loathing and allowing less than stellar people into my life (there is a lot of darkness out there.) I'm thankful for my cousin Victoria who helped me through the tough stuff and also for having a supportive husband and family. I've never felt better! Such a nice way to end 2012 and start fresh in the new year. Namaste ♥ - Wendy K. - CA

You are amazing! - AZ

So, my cousin Victoria Bourque knocked it outta the park with my session today.. I am so incredibly blessed to have her in my life she is truly gifted. - CA

I just have to tell you that I am really amazed at how much better I feel after our session on Friday. I didn't really notice it until yesterday, but I find that I'm not obsessing/ruminating over my husband. I have a sense of peace (Choose Peace!!!) and calm that was definitely not there before our session. I also have been reading the descriptions of the tools & essences that you used, and digesting all of that information to bring more clarity. I don't know what's going to happen, but I feel much stronger and will definitely come back if I feel like I need it. I can't say thank you enough!! - MA

I have never had the privilege to meet you one on one, but you read me so well. So well brought me to tears, in a good way. Lots of reflection afterwards and beyond. - CA

I am so glad I contacted you. Even the way I found your website was divine synchronization! I am new to understanding who I really am and my awakening but you have confirmed it for me. You have understood clearly the issues I have now and from my past. I am amazed that you identified the abuse of my mother when I was 9 years old when I was truly terrified. I have never forgotten specific traumatizing events when I was 9, when I felt that way then, and even until the day we talked. I remembered it, but had no idea how it affected me. Everything you brought up, I understood. There wasn't anything that you said that I didn't recognize as part of my growth. Thank you and my angels so much and you are welcome to post as much of this as you like! - Georgia

Victoria is an amazing healer and gets to the core issues that one may or may not even know they are dealing with. She is very accurate. She listens to what your body is saying and needing. With her many tools including flower essences she will help the body release old deep core issues that will help you move forward in present life. - Dr. Rhonda - Chiropractor

I came to Victoria with severe headaches and anxiety issues. After the surgery session I felt great. I have fewer headaches and less anxiety. I have also learned a lot about myself. Victoria has helped me feel like myself again! - New Castle,NH

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the session the other night. It was very interesting, insightful, and informative. I felt really drained that night after leaving, even the next day I felt like my soul had been through an intense workout. I have felt a bit more at ease within myself. Thanks. I'm still absorbing all that you did for me during our session and experiencing some inner changes. - Exeter, NH

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