What are your True

Soul Intentions?

Victoria Bourque, Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic




Soul Intentions Essences contain the healing "energies" of the crystals or flowers they are made with and are bottled with purified water and a very small amount of brandy as a preservative. That's it! They remove the "negative" conditions you are experiencing and replace them with the "positive" energies you are looking for. Infused with the intention to heal you! Essences are remedies to a particular issue you are having. They counteract the negative with the positive. How cool is that?

Questions? Please ask!

Healing Essences (not perfume or oils) they are infused energetically into your core being. They are a positive counter-charge remedy for a negative condition you are experiencing!

SOUL INTENTIONS Essences, are intuited, made and infused with more love than you could imagine.

Change is Needed - But how do you find the way? Read on.....

My Newest Essence:

Crystal Love - To bask in love, support and Divine nurturance after a traumatic event. To dispel unwanted energies of fear and darkness and unpleasant memories. To remember....safety, security and trust. A very, very powerful essence.

Looking Up! Made from Hydrangea! - For Allowing Good Feelings to Return

For the journey. For looking every possible way you can...except up! Isn't that frustrating? And we all do that sometimes.. But in your search for answers,you can loose our way at times and become emeshed in the things you keep trying (thinking about) to overcome. Yuk!! The GOOD news is the only way you need to look...is UP! The answers are there after all....and by not dwelling and re-hashing on the lost part...you will definitely find your way! A gift of better things for you. Comfort. Love. Starting Over. <3 - You are in there you know...just waiting to be found again!! Life is good.

Hint: This is taken from an energetic eye correction I do with people and literally, when you start feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, try LOOKING UP with both eyes. While doing this correction, simply rub the back of the head directly behind your eyes. It is almost a reset button for your brain to remind you...all is not lost!

More about the eye correction: EYES STRAIGHT UP: ACCEPTANCE (peace) versus ANTAGONISM (arguing, anger, lost and endless rehashing). The person either chooses to accept the moment for what it is and go from there -- or -- responds as if attacked, especially when questioned. Choosing to accept what is, may be hard, but I am available to assist if you need it!

RAY OF LIGHT - I choose Peace!

An essence divinely gifted with the assistance of Archangel Michael!! Ray of Light.....a Sealcoating for your Soul (energy field).

For higher vibrational energies in a lower vibrational world. The never ending "war" (aka, struggle in your mind or thoughts... that seem beyond your control) or attracting energies that you just don't want). This can be very DRAINING to your health and well-being.

Archangel Michael is here to help you rise above whatever it is! Clearing your energy field and releasing yourself from being a "Prisoner of War" is exactly what you need to free you from it. Think differently than imposed thoughts or energetic patterns that keep you prisoner.

This essence is a gift from the Divine and Archangel Michael..... a SEALCOATING for your soul. Oh the struggle not to succumb to all the drama and chaos projected daily in the workplace, home, school and airwaves that may have nothing to do with you really but you feel it. This essence works on a deeper level to surround you with protection from anything lower that would disrupt your "peace". You of course are the one to decide the outcome of you... and which way you want to go and what you wish to "see the world to be". If you seek peace....then this Ray of Light is yours for the asking. Just infuse it with your intention to not allow lower energies to win within you. We all know that some things drain us deep down, beyond consciousness and we may not know what the root is of that unsettled energy. We may have worries that just don't let up. Even if we want to be free, we seem stuck! And tired...and not feeling our best. I love when this essence comes up for a client because I know that whatever it is....is being taken care of. Let your angels take care of whatever it is and go back to living. When the battle within is finished, your strength comes back to withstand any nonsense that may present from anywhere! Those are lessons for somebody else and not your story anymore. Do good. Be good. Stand up. Be loving. Let the rest go! You are strong enough to reveal your light and let it shine. It's a beautiful thing! Don't loose that in some dumb war.....

Affirm: Archangel Michael, I allow this Ray of Light to surround me and absorb negative energies I have may have collected within me. I ask to be released of these energies and allow all chaos and fear to leave me. I choose a higher path and love always.

Peace is on it's way.....

DIVINE INTERVENTION!! The Record Keeper (and Eraser!) for Your Soul...

Cornflower Essence and Overseen by Archangel Brigit. – Archangel Brigit is the light for you. She is a protector of women, a creator of safe environments, a champion for you, your family, your home. She is with me all the time. Just love her! She is always there to assist anyone who needs her.

What is in your backpack?

When you ask for help....it comes. In ways you may not quite understand, and in it’s own time...but that doesn't mean you are not being helped or heard. If life is a journey, then this essence is for the Mt. Everest portion of your soul’s growth. The mountain you climb is specific to you. You may need some help up there to finish what you started this time through. Don't worry...you do have spiritual "sherpa's"...to help you on your path. You really do! Whether you are at the base of your particular mountain or three feet from the top of it. This essence helps unlock the truth of things, and why you are here (to be happy) and rids you of excess weight in your backpack (grief, fear, pain, etc.). Life is not the ravines you may have fallen into but the decision to climb back out. That is the biggest step right there: that first one.. in a new direction (instead of the same old story). That one tiny second of deciding…..oh the miracles it can bring! That is where the energy comes to propel you farther! And it will.

So what is funny when I make essences is, I never know when I am going to make one, till it happens. I was walking my dog one morning and saw cornflower and was drawn right to it. (What I like to note though is the energy of what is happening right as I am pulling the flower.) So for this, it was the energy of: I picked the first one I came to. Then I doubted myself. I went and picked another flower. Then I doubted myself again. That energy of I made the wrong choice or not knowing what to choose....or feeling "wrong" no matter what I choose (can't win) will stop you from progress you know. It's also about forgiving yourself your mistakes, and not repeating them. And I can't tell you how long it took me to channel the info for this one, because it did not happen overnight! This was a big essence indeed. I gave up on it a few times. But kept coming back... (again the "energy of").

So what I CLEARLY see...is this is about TRUSTING YOURSELF. Not second (and third and fourth, etc) guessing! Trusting too, that you are loved and supported regardless of what may "weigh on you" or where you are on your ascent. That is faith....that is how you keep going till you get there. No mistakes (in thoughts, words, experiences or action) are made that can’t be unmade. And are they really mistakes or just teachers for you? This too, equally important: sometimes...there is no "lesson", it's just what is. Just old stale and stagnant energy in your way. Bye...bye.

This essence is for decision making, living in the present, for the choices you made you wished you hadn’t (regret). For lesson learning, will strengthening and most importantly, learning about you. What you can do. What you can’t do. What you won't do. Again, sometimes saying "no" to something is the absolute way to your "yes". For acceptance. For forgiveness. For releasing old stories. It’s the unconditional love and support you need right now to finish…..whatever it is for you. For the second wind you may need to keep going. To see it through. To know how strong you really are. To decide. When you are ready.

SHEER RADIANCE!! - An essence given to me by the Divine. I do not have a specific ingredient except that it is a gift.

The light of a thousand candles..(or more) to burn away one's dross or spiritual stains. For removing psychic hooks and other's "toxic waste". A DIVINE source of renewal. How lovely is that?

Dyslexic Heart - Rose Quartz and Bittersweet with Divine assistance by Archangel Brigit, and the Green Man (nature deva) Archangel Brigit (a mighty warrior angel and protectress of the good!) The Green Man – overseeing nature and its kingdom, and working your way through the forest (of your mind) no matter how dense the underbrush!! Representing cycles of birth, death and re-birth!

For removing old clinging heartaches that have left a bitter taste....don't let your beautiful heart go to waste!

For realigning with true “LOVE” regardless of your past experiences with it.

Facilitator's Note: The Head versus The Heart. What a battle here. Your mind may have experienced what your heart can't process or understand. There is a big difference between running from the truth and finding your way back to it. For learning difficulties (of any kind), addictive tendencies that are not good for you and the release of "whatever it is" you run from. To feel, to feel, and live again..... you must face the fear of "loss" my friend.

For the apocalyptic events around “love and loss” in your life that have caused you to become lost, hardened, indifferent, helpless or hateful. For the wounds received that you don’t know how to let go of... or that won’t let go of you. Be careful here…for the more you hold onto the hurt and pain of past transgressions/hurts against you, the more you become trapped by them. It’s a bittersweet symphony so to speak and will literally choke the love and life right from you. For hate, spite, bitterness, numbness and just plain not knowing "what it is" or how to get free... even if you want to! For being resigned to your “fate” (not caring) versus back on your path. For feeling like the only human alive in a world full of zombies (loner). For wishing you could "go back" rather than move on. For protection and release from old fears, negative people that just aren't good for you, and painful stories that have left big wounds. We must unwind from the things that caused us heartache. We must remove ourselves from the pain of it in order to be free. For cutting ties to whatever is holding you back. Whether we are the basher…or the bash-ee. Does it matter? For compassion and forgiveness of all parties involved so YOU can be free. I didn’t say it was easy…..but this essence will help! Rose Quartz is the ultimate healer. The LOVE stone. It's for healthy love, honest, unconditional and freely given. That is what you can have. Imagine.

GO FORTH FROM HERE! - Baby spider plant with a lot of help from Ganesh!!.

Ganesh (a beautiful hindu elephant diety) is the ultimate remover of roadblocks to your progress through the jungle of life...and also a tail to hold onto as he leads you safely out of the underbrush and dark places into your bright future!

Note: Why I choose the baby spider plant versus making the essence from the mother plant. The baby spider plants are attached to the mom. And that's part of the process of course. But the point is to gain independence from, not stay co-dependent on anyone or anything. It's about letting go of "holding onto"....anything that holds you back! It's your life, are you LIVING it? Take the steps to establishing who you are, versus the influence of others opinion's or conditioning. Break free.

For leaving the nest of "what was" and familiar. For starting fresh...from today!! Letting go of old conditioning and patterns in place from who knows where. The extremely heavy attachments to "what used to be". For grief or guilt or fear associated with moving through what holds you back. Just remember in focusing on loss, the ties that connect us to it can end up choking the very life from you. Great for moving through stages and transitions...from birth, to childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood. For death, birth or re-birth or whatever process you are in right now... that may be causing some unrest for you. It's all good from here and you have done the work on letting go of "holding on" to patterns and old stories. So don't fear the future....begin it! Cut that cord to the energy of loss that incapacitates you from your "present". Helps with co-dependency and dependency (addictions) on drugs, alcohol, the need for other's approval, or any self-rejecting or life-rejecting patterns that hurt you or limit your growth and keep you stuck on your path. Time to push through all that. It is a long road out of the nest of what used to be....so don't feel bad or be hard on you. Just take one step at a time. If you get stuck, call on GANESH. He is mighty and has great strength to assist you and will guide you lovingly through this great big world until you can find your own way in it. LOVE IT!!

Order on my page...as you know. And better yet....if you feel really "stuck" right now on your path...come and work with me. Ganesh may have led you here for that very reason!!

Come as YOU Really Are! -SUNFLOWERS

Return....to the "Garden" (Peace)

Sunflowers and Archangel Raguel - Champion of the underdog and for personal empowerment and protection from negative energies (including all electronic devices, pollution of the airwaves, and social media networks).

For seeing YOU beyond ingrained belief systems, patterns and negative influences in the past. For your personal empowerment and spiritual truth. For removing fear of persecution just for being "you". Archangel Raquel is here to help create a boundary or shield around you from negative energy no matter the source, so that you can foster a healthy relationship first with you, and then with the world at large. You need to be able to think clearly and decide things just for you. With no one else's thoughts, energies or influences in your head. Is your life a symphony or a cacophony of noise?

This essence removes fear of answering “to" or "for” someone else. Remember no flower can flourish and grow under the weight of someone else’s shadow, dictates or interference. Are you able to stand tall and deflect negativity or do you succumb and bow down...hanging your head under the weight (or shame)...of believing it? An excellent aid for those who have been the victim of abuse, exclusion, hate or intolerance or are susceptible to "psychic attack". Helps release fear of "ghosts of the past" still haunting you in the present. Too much negativity is too much. Push it back! An excellent aid for healers, "sensitives" and empaths who work around and absorb other's energies every day.

I "Choose To" Open The Door (To Abundance)

Lenten Rose, Serviceberry, Magnolia, Pulmonia, Windflower and Bleeding Heart.

Overseen by Abundantia – Goddess of success, prosperity, abundance and good fortune!

For Personal Empowerment (Choice), Self Acceptance, and Revealing Your Truth!

We may have learned to fear opening ourselves up (to life) based on negative experiences in the past. This essence allows for the “choice” to reveal without the fear of punishment, blame (debt) or rejection.

I am renewed, I am reborn, I see my value, my worth and my loving soul.

It is you who opens the door to let love in! You may unconsciously not give you the support you need based on past patterns where your power (over your self) was taken from you or you had no control or say over things. You may have unconscious fear of being deserving. In the past, you may have had to forfeit you, or sacrificed you, or just couldn't win. But it is not the past anymore! It is helpful for those who have experienced unhealthy relationships, poor family dynamics or past trauma that has distorted your understanding of what healthy love is. It works very gently and sends you the love, assurance and support you need to open up, to TRUST and reveal who you are. It is for healthy boundaries and choice making. It is for knowing you have a "choice" and a say in your life. You can emerge....it's safe to.

I noted in making this essence that the head of the fully opened Lenten Rose seemed to be bowing down as if in question...but I do not see it as a submissive gesture….but rather an invitation or an asking of....for a wise person to stop here and take a closer look at the wealth and beauty and wisdom “underneath”. Most importantly, taking a look at the beauty, wealth and wisdom inside of your self.

Facilitator's Note: When selecting the many flowers for this essence, I very specifically captured a bud of the Lenten Rose before it opened….because I wanted to capture that energy of "ready to reveal". We emerge in our own space and time. A respect here for the choice to open up and let the world in.

Lenten Rose – Divine Feminine (In dignity, gentleness, spiritual wisdom and strength….we command ourselves).

Bleeding Heart – For throwing your love away! For letting go of old emotional attachments that have you “bleeding” out in your life right now. To allow a new and abundant supply of love, trust, security and support to come in and go out, come in and go out. A beating heart is better than a dead one! It’s time to live again. Removes fear of opening your heart again after a long time of being closed off for whatever the reason.

Service Berry – For being of service to others…. is a sharing of your gifts without condition. To give from your heart for the betterment of all. Forgiveness. Spiritual growth and understanding. Compassion, empathy, kindness, grace. Self acceptance and the acceptance of others.

Windflower – Steadfastness…..grounded…..strength...for the good of all.

Pulmonia – Lungs. Hurt where love is concerned. Not feeling others approval. Not taking life in fully. Let go of any fears you have around controlling life. How can life come in you are not even breathing?

Magnolia – Full Circle. Lessons. Grace. Enduring Love. Character building. Inner strength. Acceptance of your gifts. Cycles – Endings and Beginnings. Oh the possibilities of the awakened mind, body and spirit!

It is you who opens the door to let love in! You may unconsciously not give you the support you need (closed the door to you) based on past patterns where your power over yourself was taken from you or you had no control or say over things. You may have unconscious fear of being deserving. In the past, you may have had to forfeit you, or sacrificed you, or just couldn't win. But it is not the past anymore! It is helpful for those who have experienced unhealthy relationships, poor family dynamics or past trauma that has distorted your understanding of what healthy love is. It works very gently and sends you the love, assurance and support you need to open up, to TRUST and reveal who you are. It is for healthy boundaries and choice making. It is for knowing you have a "choice" and a say in your life.

Facilitator's Note: When selecting the flowers for this essence, I very specifically captured a bud of the Lenten Rose before it opened….because I wanted to capture that energy of "ready to reveal". We emerge in our own space and time. A respect here for the choice to open up and let the world in.

Brand New Day! - Easter Lily

For coming out of the dark and into the light.

Overseen by Archangel Azrael (Angel of Death and Grieving) and infused with the crystal healing energies of Selenite, Citrine and Pink Tourmaline. (I also laid down a symbolic crucifix here…for the story of sacrifice and suffering that we all have experience with on some level.)

This essence is for the “world weary” souls who may be feeling a sense they are forgotten or abandoned or unloved. For clearing old patterns of persecution or rejection and any lingering demons here. It aids in releasing experiences (including lifetimes) where your spirit was wounded to the core. It reconnects you to the “Divine”. It is a “calling home” essence by Archangel Azrael for that which is finished in your life…and a remover of heartache. When we have grief, our hearts may close to prevent more "loss" yet to come. And it becomes a way of life. This essence helps open your heart to new possibilities of life and removes your fear of it. It resurrects love for the “self” so you find the courage to move on with your life. Death of the old marks the new in your life and this essence “guides the way” for the new stories to begin. And you can begin again..... You are never too "old" dear soul.....to be happy. And you do deserve it! This essence also helps the deceased that need to move on into the light versus staying with the living. And it is for helping the living, let go of their grief around the deceased.

My Mother's Garden – Honeysuckle

For the bounty of LOVE and SUPPORT (for the self) you so richly deserve!

For feeling approved of and worthy. For feeling loved and supported just as you are. No conditions need to be met and no one else to answer to. This essence is for releasing old, ingrained belief systems from wherever they began that somehow, you are less than or aren't "deserving". Deep down inside, on some level, we have wounds and misperceptions that stop us from allowing love in for ourselves; a "condition" (block) was put in place based on fear of punishment or blame. That list of conditions that causes you to turn against you and say "no" to you is unique to you and your history. You may even feel ashamed to love you. You may feel you have to hide who you are. And most likely you run from the very things you crave: love and support. This essence goes back to the beginning...where things went wrong for you to clear out the old story so that you can remember for yourself what love and support feels like and dare I say it... without one single condition to be met.

Read my blog on the making of this wonderful essence: My Mother's Garden.

Get Up & Go! - Iron Pyrite

For realigning with your true self and soul purpose when you have become off balance (lost!). If you have lost your point of reference for what "healthy" is ...this stone holds the IDEAL for perfect health and wellbeing and will be bring you into alignment with that. It is an excellent stone for promoting business and personal success. There is a time to go within, but at some point you have to come out the other side of whatever may have thrown you off course in your life. This essence is the releaser of the oldest and deepest of roadblocks and old stories that have to go. This essence is for helping to get you back on track from where ever you have been and get where you need to be in the present. It's time to get up and go!

Finding Home – Orange Calcite and Rhodochrosite

The healing qualities of this essence are for those of us who may not know what a true home feels like. To be safe, welcomed and supported from within, without fear, judgment or a price to pay. If you have not experienced this support in life, it is hard for you to manifest what a true home feels like, it is hard to know what it is you are missing as you may have never experienced these things or you may have lost sight of them and need to find your way back. This essence is for returning home to the place inside that remembers peace, completion, safety, unconditional love and acceptance.

It's My Turn! - Citrine

Let your TRUE self emerge! For those of us, who never thought it would be our turn. It is definitely your turn. If you need a boost in your confidence or in your self-esteem, this is the essence for you! For attracting wealth in all ways. You can overcome your own inner demons, those self-destructive creatures of habit. It helps you to analyze information and be with what you know (your own personal truth and wisdom) and puts you on course for your own happy ending. Go forth in charge of your life rather than feeling there's no use in trying. It releases deep negativity and stops anger and fear from running the show. It is an invigorating, highly cleansing energy and helps you find the optimism you may have lost somewhere. You can always turn your life around. This crystal promotes success and releases doubt of it.

To Thine Own Self Be True! - Lapis Lazuli

It's all about you baby! This essence helps you recognize your spiritual and personal truth. It's for trusting you above everything and everyone else. This essence is for spiritual protection and repels psychic attack, returning the negative energy to its source. It helps you to speak your truth and reverses curses or harm caused by fear of speaking out in the past. It releases stress, repressed anger and promotes deep inner peace. It helps bring all body levels into alignment: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It helps restore your sense of purpose and inner power. It allows for complete self-expression without holding back and restores your honesty, compassion and inner strength. It helps you see the truth, confront the truth and deal with it. It is for seeing things with great clarity. It aids you in expressing your own opinions while still hearing those of others and eases conflict. It dissolves martyrdom, sacrifice, and suffering. It releases you from emotional bondage and victim-hood. To Thine Own Self Be True.

The Love That is Mine!– Canadian Jade

The only love that is ever truly yours is your own and what you make of it for your “self”. This essence is for the heart chakra and instills love and “nurturance” for you. It is a protective stone and keeps you from harm. It heals old wounds and helps release physical trauma and fear. It integrates the mind and body so you feel grounded and secure and can enjoy life and all it has to offer. It promotes self-sufficiency. It helps clear your thoughts so you can SEE what you need to do and how to get there. It is for attracting abundance and it awakens your inner knowing. Don’t forget that love is “power “ and if you have been afraid of power in the past that wasn’t good to you….this remedy will help you learn to stand in your power from a loving place where power, aka.. “love” used wisely flourishes and grows strong!

Enlighten Up! - Yellow Calcite

This essence boosts your energy, your personal power and your self-worth. It has an extremely uplifting energy and connects you to your highest source of spiritual guidance. It helps you find new ways to look at things. If you tend to over-analyze, are pessimistic, angry or tend to sarcasm... (aka, gloom and doom!), this essence helps you to connect to Divine love and develop a more compassionate outlook for yourself and the world around you. It brings a sense of hope for the future. It eliminates old energetic patterns that weigh you down. It is a strong cleanser for your mind and body and clears negative thinking. An excellent remedy for those who fear change and anything new or different than what they know or have been taught. Negative energy is a weight you feel….and man, that’s heavy! Relax, you'll be fine....you just need to Enlighten Up!

Don’t You Worry About a Thing!– Amethyst

If you have been traumatized, hurt or upset over something in your past, this is the essence will help! It helps alleviate sadness, fear and anxiety, and helps you come to terms with the past. Anxiety itself is the fear of the past repeating and why you sub-consciously keep trying to repress the memories and control the outcome. And this keeps you awake at night! It calms the overactive mind and is a natural tranquilizer promoting serenity. It helps pull you together and helps you stay focused and calm. It helps you see solutions you may not have been able to see before. Fear feeds itself on fear…and the more you think it, the more you see it everywhere you go. Time to see something better than what you may be expecting. It is an excellent stone for protection and guards against psychic attack, transmuting those negative energies into love.

I Choose Me!– Epidote and Prehnite

An elixir for the soul. Unconditional love and healing for the “healer”. This essence helps align you with the universe’s energy grid and to Archangel Raphael: the angel of truth and vision and brings about healing of all kinds. It aids in perception, clears overly critical judging of the self and helps you to look objectively at yourself and others. It removes resistance to spiritual awakening. It helps you stay centered in any crisis or when you feel stretched too thin. For those of us in the caring field, that may have forgotten to include themselves with their own caring gifts, by taking this essence, your perceptions of “saving the universe” may come more into balance and there will be energy not only to care for others but most importantly, take care of yourself. It is a deep cleanser of negative energy and you may feel a catharsis effect when taking this essence. If you have ever wished to just be you again....this is the essence you need.

Set Me Free! – Garnet

It’s time to be free! This essence fortifies and strengthens your survival instincts and encourages you in situations that may seem hopeless or that there is no way out of. It is a great psychological healer and helps you have clear perceptions of yourself. It is for seeing things as they are now in the present and letting go of old ingrained behavior patterns that are outdated and no longer serve you. You are the keeper of the key and it helps clear unconscious sabotage and resistance you may have on being “free”. All challenges can be resolved and this essence brings about the strength to turn the tides on any perceived chains that bind. It helps you find resolution and a means to an end in challenging situations. Garnet opens the heart and inspires love and devotion and commitment to yourself.

I Can See Clearly Now! – Selenite

For finding the answers that you seek. For anything that is troubling you. It clears mental confusion. It assists in seeing the big picture and your part in it. It is for peace and deeper meditation. It is a stabilizing essence for erratic emotions. It protects you from outside entities and prevents anything external from influencing the mind. A true spiritual connection includes Heaven and Earth and YOU are the bridge in between. This essence connects you to the higher realms and grounds you to the earth. It is a nurturing essence and helps show you how to resolve issues you still are contending with on your spiritual path. For accessing your Divine plan for your present life and where you are going and how to get there.

Love is Stronger - A combination essence of my near to me and dear to me: Open To Love and my Angelically inspired: All Good Things!

I am so happy to share the love with you! This combination essence will open your heart to the new, comfort your grief and heal your hurts. It is comforting. It will help you trust again. You can re-build a broken heart! It cleanses old emotional heartache and promotes peace within. It clears your negative thoughts and experiences around love. You truly must love yourself first and clear all your misperceptions of worth and value so you can have what you want. And when you do, all good will come to you. You are deserving! This essence will help you realize how much.

Open to Love – rose quartz – magical!

This essence is for loving yourself …unconditionally and then sharing what you have learned with others so they can reflect it back to you.

Rose quartz is for unconditional love and peace. It is the true essence of love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels. It draws off negative energy and restores loving vibes. It increases empathy and sensitivity and aids the acceptance of necessary change, to move on. It draws love and relationships towards you and is excellent for restoring trust and harmony and encourages unconditional love in existing relationships. It is helpful for releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache. It soothes pain and heals deprivation. If you have never received love, Rose Quartz opens your heart so that you become receptive. True love starts within. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance and invokes self-trust and self-worth. If you have loved and lost it comforts your grief. Rose quartz is a beautiful stone.

All Good Things!- Pink Tourmaline

For being compassionate, non-judging, open, and accepting of yourself. It is for knowing it is safe to love and that you can trust in love. This essence removes old emotional wounds and destructive feelings/damage done around love. It works by cleansing the heart chakra. Before you can find true love from someone else, you must first be truly loving to yourself. It promotes peace within and receptivity to healing. It is a mental healer, relieving paranoia and balancing the left and right brain hemispheres. It transmutes negative thinking. It helps banish being a victim and promotes self-awareness. It is useful for treating dyslexia and helps you to assimilate information. It balances your masculine and feminine energy. A very special essence for realizing that your heart is ready for all good things and you will attract it!

Good Energy Flows– Moss Agate

It is a stone for birthing, new beginnings and releases old blocks, fears and deep held stress. It releases spiritual restraints. It helps you try one more time if you have been stuck for a long period of time. It is excellent for treating depression due to life experiences or imbalances. It brings an optimistic outlook. It restores the mind, body and soul. It helps you learn to get along with others and helps you “grow” who you are and develop a better sense of yourself. This is an excellent essence for just feeling “tired” spiritually, physically and mentally. I think this stone’s healing is exactly what the particular receiver needs that I can’t put into words. It’s different for everyone who takes it, because no two stories are the same. But each soul needs to be honored just as much. This energy speaks to me of higher realms. Blessings.

Express Yourself!- Blue Lace Agate

This essence is for those who learned that they had to hold back, repress and suppress their feelings for fear of being judged, hurt or rejected. Judgment or criticism is often present in parent-child relationships resulting in the fear of being who you are as an adult. This lack of self expression blocks your throat chakra (your voice) and you may feel "strangled" in the throat area and/or suffocated in the chest area as well, finding it hard to breathe. It is for pushing through fear of expressing yourself with others. Blue Lace Agate has a soft, gentle energy bringing you peace of mind and is a great mental healer. It is nurturing and supportive. It neutralizes anger. It is useful for helping men to release and accept their sensitivity and feeling natures. It clears your throat chakra so you can express your true self and show the world who you are without fear of judgment or somebody else “bringing the curtain down” on your own show! – Love it.

The Sun will Shine! - Sunstone

The name of this essence speaks for itself. It is for joy, joy, JOY. It restores life's sweetness if you have lost your way. It is for good luck and good fortune. It removes inhibitions and feelings of failure. It increases self-worth and confidence. It removes feelings of being discriminated against, disadvantaged, "it's no use" or feeling abandoned. It’s for whatever it is you can’t put your finger on (but you know it’s something!!). It is excellent for removing "hooks" from other people that drain your energy. For people who sacrifice themselves for others and can't say NO!. It helps foster a healthy relationship with yourself. It is for helping put a positive spin on things and seeing a more optimistic outcome. Excellent for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder and is an anti-depressant. For those who are very pessimistic....don't worry, the sun will shine!

Moving On! - Green Calcite

It helps you to let go of the old and familiar and comforting patterns you have in place, that no longer serve you. It helps you resolve and come to terms with the past and helps you to move on. It balances and calms the mind. It absorbs negativity and helps transmute negative thinking into positive. It soothes and helps clear anger and anger-generated diseases in the body. It calms the adrenals. Helps rid the body of “parasites” of all kinds. Do not be surprised by the emotions that come to the surface for release when taking this essence. It is a very powerful healer.

It's Your "Personal Space" Space Clearing Mist!

Creates sacred and harmonious environments. Purifies and releases environments with built-up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies.

Spray Mist Includes: Australian Bush Essences: Anglesword, Boab, Fringed Violet, Red Lily, Lichen and Soul Intentions Essences: Open To Love, To Thine Own Self Be True, Finding Home, and Don't You Worry About A Thing!

Australian Bush Essences: Angelsword - Release negatively held psychic energies, clear spiritual communication, and discernment; Boab - Enmeshment in negative family patterns, clearing negative karmic connections; Fringed Violet - Damage to aura, lack of psychic protection; Red Lily - Disconnected, split - to be grounded and living in the present, connection with life and God; Lichen - releases earth bound energies, for knowing to move into the light.