What are your True

Soul Intentions?

Victoria Bourque, Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic

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With the help of your guides and mine, we find the exact answers you need in order to move forward in your life with a more positive outlook and outcome. My job is to empower you to feel and know for yourself what's true for you and what isn't. This work clears the roadblocks you may have in front of you on seeing your worth, your power, and your own capabilities....to shine!


What happens in a session?

A change in how you feel. A change in your perception. A lightening of your spirit.

A client would come to see me with a concern or a particular problem they may be having or just want a general reading.

There is no issue we can't address in a session and all information is completely confidential. We can work in person or long-distance. I can connect with your higher self from anywhere.

When we work together, I connect energetically to your higher self. As an energy channel, I empath emotions, receive messages and am guided to relay the story to you on what we need to address and clear. As we work, I implement corrective measures to clear the negative conditions holding you back. The story will come because your guides already know why you are here to see me and what you need help with.

This work is to release any negative beliefs about yourself or co-dependence on someone, something, or some form of negative thinking or behavior that may have resulted from an experience or upbringing, or any inherited (ingrained) belief systems or patterns you may still be emeshed in (generational or lifetimes) that you may not "see" yet. The key to mastering your life... is to step back from the energy of those things and choose something better for you in the present.

By connecting to your "higher self", and with my many tools, we work with your body wisdom, your inner knowing, that stores every memory of everything that has ever happened to you in this or any lifetime, we eliminate any guesswork to what is going on with you and go right to the truth of the matter.

About the Facilitator

Growing up, having spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities did not always feel like a "blessing", so I choose a path of unconscious living for a very long time. Not having the answers or tools I needed, I buried the things that felt unacceptable or frightening. As a grown up and also having children of my own brought forth my own un-resolved issues to be faced. I began to explore many avenues of help and healing...and then one day...I found energy work. From there, I knew the work was for me.

Fast forward through life for all of us and you know you encounter many things along your way, that are not always easy or easy to accept. And there are things that are patterns from your past or fears from somewhere that block you from the things you want or wish to be.

Many people are awakening to their intuition, a shifting in perception and are listening to their own knowing. It is in the willingness to be rid of negativity, that we find the help we need from a higher source to succeed in our dreams!

In coming into my own as a healer and using my skills to heal my own subconscious and karmic stories, I can say to you truthfully that I am extremely good at what I do!

I look forward to helping you with your stories too.



$75 One Hour Session

Call to Book: 603-205-5702

Working Long Distance or Locally!

Remember, energy and your higher self are not limited to being in contact physically with me.

The work works on an energy level and is Divinely guided. I connect to your energy and read what needs clearing and or correcting. The work...works!


Somersworth, NH

Just off Rt. 16, Exit 9

And to Book a PHONE Session, just call me!! (Yes, this work works over the phone )

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