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More Than One Dream, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on January 27, 2020 at 9:15 PM

Don't limit the number of dreams you can have. You can have more than one...be more than one...live more than one dream. Life is the in-between moments of one dream and the next. Isn't it? The daily seconds....the moments in time...where you are somewhere good, you realize the gift of that feeling and forget the dreaming of something else. The commitments and have-to's can take your energy but this is life....too. Sure I dream I will live in Hawaii and sell fruit smoothies on the beach and go home to my horse ranch by the sea and Mr. Wonderful. Its nice to dream...but reality may be, I love it or get bored or whatever. Then what!! What would happen to me if that was my only dream?? My only focus of perfection? What if I don't get there? How can I go on if that is all I dream? The dream is a dream....but right now today the laughter shared with a friend, the good deeds you do, getting your feet wet in a mud puddle or reaching for the cereal box at the market on the top shelf for someone shorter than you...are the moments of magic. A baby eating ice cream with their hands, a walk at night with a friend through downtown Portsmouth marveling at the beautiful houses lit with Christmas lights still, the fresh cold air making you come alive from a long day at work. There are many dreams out there...swirling around you in abundance. That smell good and feel good and can be had right now...wide awake and here. Right in front of you.

Photo by Me!!!  Isn't this awesome?

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