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(Coming Out Of) The Woods, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on November 7, 2019 at 7:30 AM

(Coming Out Of) The Woods - How Fear Manifests, By Victoria Bourque

True story. A client/friend that I have known for a few years and follow on social media was having some difficulties.

Her and her husband are intuitive and spritiually gifted and totally understand the concept of energy work and healing. In fact, she is an amazing healer. That does not mean they had a smooth ride, because none of us do and we all have things to resolve. There are definitely all kinds of bumps along the way. Things that intefere or send you off-track. Things that need addressing and clearing too. Sometimes things you can't resolve on your own.

In this instance, my friends were having some major issues with the woods around their home. There was such bad energy on the land and it seems to be pushing in on them.  Smothering. This issue with the land had been going on for several years, but no matter the energy work they did, the bad energy remained. Coinciding with this, they were experiencing bad luck and all kinds of things in their outer world as well, just one after another. I think my inuition perked up big time, when they were involved in a head-on collision. They were hit by someone not watching what they were doing and their truck was totaled. I just felt it was time to reach out. 

I spoke with my friend who explained all they had done already on the issueswith the land around their home and that the energy was very dark. They had had some strange experiences while living there and it was so bad, they were ready to move. With the string of bad luck adding to things, I think they were at their wits end. I volunteered to see what I could sense and see about the land itself. I too felt the "dark" energy when connecting to the situation. I decided to sleep on it and see what would come. During the night I woke up with a feeling of being surrounded. And panic. I also saw a circle, as if my home was exactly that...surrounded or encircled...the circle just kept going around and around.

I woke up the next day to go to work. What was interesting was I immediately got a sense of "woods" but not from this time era. From the past. And felt that my friends were there....long ago in the woods (I do not think it was their woods exactly, but just woods, being deep in the woods). I knew I was looking at a past life for them. They were settlers at some point, in early America. When the land was still wild. Now, if you have ever felt true FEAR....imagine your home was in these woods long ago...and you were being watched. Maybe just you and your husband and maybe your children too in a place where there was no local police to call in an emergency.   And you knew you were being watched...(just like they were feeling in the present) and imagine a worse fate, that was in store.

I sensed immediately that they were victims in an old fort/compound or cabin perhaps and the feeling of being surrounded was indeed that. The energy of no way out. The fear of being outnumbered. The terror of meeting death in such a way. Those are the feelings I felt while working and clearing this past life for them. What I was releasing for them.  My summation (as there is no exact science to this)...is they met their death by the hands of those surrounding them (my guess being Native Americans who were not happy to have their land taken from them by early settlers). This is not a judgement, just our history.  And what resonated. And where my guides had me go.

If you can understand that fear is a real thing, that it recreates....those who had a traumatic past life or even trauma in this life, may trigger the same feelings, the same fear...as BEFORE. It mirrors out again to be dealt with in one way or another.

Once I finished clearing what needed to go. I relayed the information to my friend. 

It was great relief to them, to KNOW what it was. The past life where they died, terrified...alone and surrounded/outnumbered. Imagine those moments of pure fear knowing your end was coming...your death... and it would not be good. That was the energy I cleared. Not the land/the woods...just the fear. Their death, not a pleasant one either...from another time in the woods.

Now that they had the answer...there was an almost immediate shift.  They could go outside to the woods where they live. They no longer felt watched, scared, creepy and fearful.   The woods...were just woods. The fear was gone. 

Fear itself, manifests over and over until you clear it.  It creates like a movie projector, the same old thing from somewhere else, somewhere "before" in your life.....and if you are lucky enough to know that is what you are experiencing you can get help (from me) to clear what needs to go.

It is my calling to help you find your way out of the woods too.  I would not have it any other way. 



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