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The Gargoyle in the Emergency Room, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on October 31, 2018 at 9:30 AM

The Gargoyle In The Emergency Room

A short story by Victoria Bourque

The road to here was a long one and she was tired. Fighting nightmares. Too many strange things. Clearly an attempt at reckoning now. Not to refuse the events and try and understand as she sat in the coldness of the emergency room. Wishing to be anywhere else.

She watched the girl. Laying quiet. She and the nurse keeping vigil. Why were things this way? What could she have done differently? You never stop wanting them to be free.

Suddenly the girl on the bed convulsed and began a macabre dance. Her body suddenly arching off the bed from the waist up in a bizarre fashion. Almost as if... what was she witnessing? The nurse too...watched in bewilderment. The girl's body rose to a somewhat sitting position and stared hatefully at her. Daring her.

She saw the gargoyle then...inside the girl. Arching and flaring it's hideous wings. Challenging her with the hate it carried. The nurse clearly shaken at what he had seen, sat upright in his chair....not wanting to admit it could be possible.

But she knew what it was. And from here, she could exorcise the beast.

LOVE to all. It truly does conquer. And rids you of demons.

Happy Halloween

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