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Above the Din!! Across the Great Divide, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 7:40 AM

Above the Din!! Across the Great Divide - By Victoria Bourque

You know...the election before the last one, so I guess that was around 2013, I was given some angelic information...I was in a time crunch to go vote and was contemplating the hows and what's of how to get there etc. I heard very, very, very clearly that the election to worry about was the next one....the one after...in 2017. That is was a huge significant election to come. Thanks for the heads up into the future and I thought wow, they are telling me quite specifically about the next one. The message was quite clear. I was amazed really as I hadn't expected that message to come through like it did. Flash forward to our last election. And I thought, my guides were right...we may actually evolve enough to have a female president!! I am not going to fight about this or make it a big debate about politics. But I wanted to share that way back then, I was given the information about how crucial the election was going to be. But it was a prophecy so to speak. An unfolding way back in 2013 on things coming our way. I just misunderstood the message...to think we were going to have a female president. That wouldn't it be amazing if we could see beyond gender (now that we had overcome skin color?) Back to the NOW. Clearly the current chaos everywhere has people worried... it has really woken people up to appreciate perhaps their personal freedom and rights. The planet they live on. Who they are. What they want to see. What is fair. To appreciate kindness, union, compassion, intelligence, their voice, wits, integrity, what family should be, what respect is. To honor vows, to be selfless, to be charitable, to teach fairness, honesty and truth. To strive. To be a better person and behave that way. How did we learn this? THE HARD WAY!! It seems to be our path to learn the most from here. This is just a temporary glitch in time. And a teacher. No matter what. Life will go on. Keep learning and growing and changing and standing up. Whether you are political or not. This is a learning experience. Above (way, way above) that "perceived" separation/divide....is a higher truth. Stick to that. Whenever you are uncertain...go higher than what you see... to what you know. Enjoy the ride!! We are always being guided. Some parts maybe not as fun, but we are on our way somewhere. Together.

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