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Grey Skies, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on April 16, 2018 at 7:45 AM

So this is for fun and because I am from New England, thought I would take a classic spring song and put a global warming spin on it.  We have had nothing but grey skies and cold for about six months now...with a rare hit of 50 degrees but most of the time, it's grey and cold and we need and miss SPRING!!!!!

You know there are no Allman Brother songs about Grey Skies... so here goes:

To the tune of the fondly remembered "Blue Skies" by the Allman Brothers in a time when we still had 4 seasons...

Grey Skies (and global warming)


Slip along the sidewalk, covered up in ice.

Fell down on my backside, wasn't very nice.

Taking out the trash up on Highland hill, slid down to the bottom across High Street and sliding still... early morning Ice storm tells me all I need to know...


You're my Grey Skies, you're my gloomy day,

Lord you know it makes me cry when your snowing in my face

Snowing in my face yeah....

Good old Monday morning, ice is pelting on the roof, I'll be paying my heat bill long after the month of June... and the snow is coming down...the snow is coming down...down...


You're my grey skies, you're my gloomy day,

Lord you know it makes me cry when you're snowing in my face....Snowing in my face yeah....

PS This picture (and I saw the movie) below sums up the weather pretty well!



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