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Free Falling - Your Angels, A Gentle Ride, and Reality By Victoria Bourque

Posted on April 6, 2018 at 11:25 AM


I have a story to share...about ten years back, I was with my family up in Lisbon helping my brother cut down some trees in his yard. My dad was doing the cutting at the base of the tree and several of us siblings were holding ropes to pull it in a certain direction as it fell. Well me and my mom were standing to one side of the tree and the tree was supposed to fall in the direction my brothers were pulling....but as fate would have it, the tree decided to fall towards me and my mom at the last minute. Oh, oh!! So I yelled to my mom, to RUN! and we started to...but mom slipped on the ground and went down. With no time to spare....and while I was still running, I bent down and hauled her up by the back of her jacket and basically dragged her with me!! We made it. The branches of the top of tree just missing us! So we were lucky and could laugh. Fast forward to life in general, we all can say we have had things that have shaken us to the core, we all have felt that "free falling" with no safety net.We have all wondered...why?  It is a hard place to be...to suffer or hurt, to not know what is going to happen, or happen next!!  But what I realized today is that just like me and my mom, and dragging her out of harm's way...your clothes may get muddy in the process, your hair may get caught on twigs and branches, you may skin your knees or much, much worse....but the idea is to get out of harm's way and to land safely somewhere else.  In reflecting during this mercury retrograde, I heed the advice of my angels, I trust where they are taking me (even if it is by the back of my jacket). I can live with some skinned knees and things that were much worse. Reality is not always gentle to us. And we don't always know the why. I love and thank my helpers for holding onto me the whole time and dragging me when necessary to get where I need to be.  I can live with that. I can live with that.  Love, Vicky

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