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I CALL YOU OUT! Facing Spirits From Your Past, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on February 10, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Past Life Spirits That Haunt You Still.....

These visitations and karmic stories create the energy of what used to be so you can see clearly and learn what you don't want now.

So this is interesting...I have had a long term issue with a family member who has had a very rough road in this life. My love for this person has outweighed anything else and my heartache that things have been so hard has hurt me and our family deeply. I have seen this person struggle for a long time with their identity, worth and value. This situation is partly based on a past life we had together where I was their mother and in that life I witnessed him as "my son" being abused by my husband. I did nothing to stop it. In that life. I did nothing. Out of fear, meekness, being a victim. I am not sure. Most likely fear. And the results for this abused person led to an adulthood of depression and loneliness and deep pain. In this life, that karma presented for me to bear witness to the energy of this pattern...so I could understand and find what I had to clear here. This "bully spirit" I had to face... to face this abusive man as I should have then, in that life and protected my child, to have no more of it regardless. To tell it to leave us all be...to hit the road and not come back. It has kept my loved one in this life from moving forward in the present as they should. This past life. To have what is theirs to have in the present. Today, I finished up some loose strings here. Namely the ghost of this malicious father from that life...was haunting us still. Now, this could just be a projection of a spirit based on memories or the real thing. I don't care.

What I did today was a session on clearing things regarding this karma in the present. I felt compelled to "call this spirit out". I have never really done that before...and to use those words is very clear.. I said it out loud: I CALL YOU OUT. At least a dozen times this morning. We would not endure one more minute of this old story. And when the understanding dawned and the story came to me...the release of that karmic story (described above), I was overcome with emotion. It was as real as anything else. But now, I was able to face this bully as I should have then, in that life, and protected my child. I called him out!! I chose my child in this life and protected them as I should. I sent this bully spirit packing. Karma done. I forgive myself my fear and neglect in doing the right thing then. I can not do more than that. I have more than made up for it in this life. Any guilt or debt is finished. This will open the gates to better things. The reward? In facing what you fear...is the release from it. Blessings. Release. Freedom from the past that has interfered in the present. So to all who try really hard to make their life good even if they don't know why something is not good...keep going. There is karma there. Try "Calling Out" what needs to be faced...and let go of. Say it out loud too! So that it no longer blocks the joy you "deserve".

PS.  I can help you find the things in your way to the present you deserve too!

Love, Vicky

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