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FULL MOON MESSAGE - January 31, 2018 - Soul Intentions, Victoria Bourque

Posted on February 5, 2018 at 8:30 PM

Full Moon Message: January 31st

Everlasting! The secret to love and happiness is NOT to be blind...but to know when to close your eyes.

(Quote taken from a French film called: Blockbuster) Not sure of the original origin, but the message is forgiveness. Matters of the Heart....forgiving is an intention and it opens gateways to more than you thought you could ever forgive, in order to release that karma of the unforgivable. To say no, I don't want that coming with me anymore. This will open the gateway to more than you thought you could receive or create for yourself. To be in that place of in between...uncertainty...fear...are all part of your ascension to newer heights and grander visions. It takes time to let it all go. Forgiving frees YOU to move ahead. Funny how that works. It is not in re-attaching to the pain of endings...but to trust your path will hold more for you than that. Step ahead now. And you know me... I can go on and on....but the truth of the matter is love IS everlasting, isn't it? and we are all on our own journey following our own purpose with this beautiful source called love. Some will come and some will go in your life. Just try always...to let the highest love be your guide. For that is your only true destination in the end. To return where you came from. Maybe a bit lighter than when you started out. Dance a little under the stars and rejoice in another full moon. For loved ones passed...remember they are always dancing with you.

Additional Meanings of this moon: Breaking co-dependency...(this is your "sole" get it? SOUL journey!! Unconditional love. Romance. Endearments. Strength. Truth. Vision. Hope. Vitality. Boosts that you need to see. Happiness. Relationships. Challenges. How About Some Lightening Up?

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