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Finding Quinton Darkshadow, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on January 30, 2018 at 10:30 PM


(This was a very old post, I dug out of my files to share again.) 

After reading a disappointing romance novel that was all the rage this summer, I commented one night on Facebook with my friends that I didn't see why it was a "must read".

But everyone has their own idea of what's hot and what's not. So regardless of your personal tastes, I decided to create a mini romance novel on my page....called Lust of the Mohicans!! About an over-worked single mom doing laundry in her basement when all of the sudden a tall, dark and handsome man hurtled through a time portal behind her washing machine and swept her up in a river of passion and carried her away!!!

It was quite fun really, and I do love to write. So I had a little mini book going through my posts. And yes...I named him "Quinton Darkshadow". Six feet tall, loincloth (and not much else!), he was long, lean and luscious!

So anyways...even though he only was a ten post book. He represented so much to me. He was the dream we all dream. The hero we need, when we think there is no hero out there. Now men do the same thing...they search and fantasize about a dream girl too but I will let them write that book, because honestly.....I don't know what it is besides maybe a sexy outfit and finding the milk in the fridge for them.

So getting back to Quinton. You need the dream. You absolutely need the dream. If you have only known less than or have been hurt big time, you have nothing else there to compare it with so the fantasy hero comes into play. And in my posts...of course, I was the heroine. I was the star. Not the caregiver, doer, giver, super woman, etc. I actually got to be "saved'. Rescued by a tall dark handsome he-man!!

So after the first few chapters which were really fun....I took a break. I turned off Facebook too. And the last month or so has been about me. Allowing me the time to come back from where I had been.


I went back on Facebook recently. And last night I brought Quinton and Victoria back to life in Chapter Ten.... and as he had tended to some wounds she got through her travel in the time portal (waterfall, rocks, half drowned, ass kicked), he was there....ready to offer some "salve" for her wounds. But instead, Victoria told him: No. Thanks Quinton, It's been a real trip....but I can "salve" myself from here. She kissed his bewildered lips hard and said good bye. She had to go home, to get back to her and start living in the real world again...not just with the dreams of what she wanted....but with a knowing she was really ready to have them!

So she left her Quinton.....the hero she needed to get through some nightmare things when to her, there were no heroes. Until of course, she realized she had always been her own.

So dear readers...another step in life is to step back into life, when you are done with whatever stopped you from really living to begin with. I hope you too, have a Quinton Darkshadow on your side. Everyone deserves to be supported. And the only one who really can do this supporting is you after all.

You are the hero you seek! You always were... sometimes you just have to go "inside" to see that....before you can come back out.

For Quinton...... I love you and thanks!

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