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Victoria Bourque, Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic




Posted on December 18, 2017 at 6:30 AM

NEW MOON MESSAGE: MUGS. I Love coffee, it's a ritual I do every day. Funny thing is, if I have to reheat my coffee in the microwave...I have a certain mug I use. It is chipped, cracked and faded and has not disintegrated yet. BUT it is THE cup I choose when I need to rely on my coffee being warmed up. It can take the gamma waves or radio waves or whatever my microwave is dishing up. I love this cup. It is not pretty. I have a china cup I love too and it is beautiful but it can't take the heat, so to speak. And you can not put those cups in the microwave!  Yes, it looks good on the table with all it's "Bone China" fancy dancy labels and all. But when I really need to depend on something....I choose my chipped and reliable mug. It has proven its strength to me. And always warms my coffee. So the message today is for my friends and loved ones who may feel that they more resemble the mug than the fine bone china and may have in the past...thought this was not so desirable. They don't feel their cracks and weather-beaten exterior are what's cool or wanted. Not everyone can be a China Cup...I mean that stuff is taken out and paraded around and all...but that's about it. It is for small special moments of careful manuevering. But the Mug...the mug is how we are every day. Flawed, yes....pretty...depends on your perception. But what really matters, is its wonderful strength. In my last moon message, I talked about masks...and hiding behind illusions. Time for illusions to fade as reality is a more reliable place to be. So I think it is appropriate this message came today...what good is an empty vessel and a china cup in the long run? When the substance of who we are comes from all those cracks and chips. Peace and happy New Moon. Love, Vicky

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