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Soul Intentions?

Victoria Bourque, Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic



FULL MOON MESSAGE - DECEMBER 3, 2017 - Soul Intentions, Victoria Bourque

Posted on December 2, 2017 at 10:55 AM


Putting too high a value on your self... perhaps based on past wounds where you put yourself out there and got hurt and you don't want that to happen again. So in order to protect yourself, you may have had to put a higher value on you based on someone's or something's LESSER appreciation of you. But this is a catch-22. With too much focus (value) on yourself...you build an armor that vibrates out energetically and is a magnet for this very thing...that you are no longer obtainable (price to high or impossible to have or a museum piece, aka, relic). You are essentially closed off. Whoops! You didn't mean to do this...but in your experiences, the only way to be safe or secure...is to put yourself "above" so-to-speak. No judgment and no, you are not conceited. This energy vibrates that exact condition though and you attract the lessons you need to overcome the condition. Over time, the walls put up, become your mantra. You may feel hungry...yet when people approach, you still vibrate this energy of unobtainable - price too high - artifact,etc. We close off to something when it has caused us deep pain based on our experiences with whatever it is. As you know, last month's moon message was having your Heart's Desire. And if you are blocked here...how can you have it? This initial wound of too high a value on you.... may have resulted in an over focus on yourself simply because you got hurt. And put up a wall. You may have put a higher value on your self to stay safe or be able to control what or who or how things come in or out. However, in the long run, the damage is two-fold: the initial harm...and the continued harm of trying to manage "it" by increasing your perception of your value. "Don't touch, I am priceless, a museum piece that must not be enjoyed, but rather curtained of behind ropes, with security guards, etc". That kind of thing. So I like to explain in detail, because if you think of energy impacts and the law of attraction...you see these results. If you have armor...based on having to put too high a value on you (survival)...perhaps...it is time to begin the journey back from an over-focus on yourself....and see the world safely...as one with it...all by yourself...out in the open. Open to receiving something more, than the things that closed you off to begin with. Is it easy to let go of fear? No. Can you let go? Yes. Open, open...open wide. What you want...must come from the energy of what you think.... Go out there..and live.  A Night Away... From The Museum.  Love...As Always, Vicky - Healer, Emptah, Clairvoyant 

P.S. This lovely model is my daughter Rachel.  Such a good soul, inside and out.  So Proud of Her!

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