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TRANSFORMATION!! By Victoria Bourque

Posted on March 23, 2017 at 9:35 AM

TRANSFORMATION!!  By, Victoria Bourque

The Liver Energy Meridian* – Healing Story: Transformation!!

The energetic story/healing story…of this particular energy meridian (a meridian is kind of like an energy highway that runs through your body, from organ to organ….and you would not believe the energetic “mudslides” that causes these highways to shut down right where you have some particular wounds). It can be a little pebble of pain in your way…or something as big as a boulder.   These organs in your body reflect the stories and roads…they have travelled down. And anything in the way of smooth flowing energy from Point A to Point B…needs to go!  - For more information on what an energy meridian is check out YouTube, Donna Eden, Energy Meridian Clearing videos.  

I use this clearing technique along with very specific additional defusing in these areas at time of cause to address things a bit deeper!  I muscle test specific essences and other energetic corrections you need relating to your story (everyone has their own story) to flush out the toxins that have you stuck that specific to you.

The Skinny on Healing Here:


I am willing to make changes in my life that help me grow vs. I want to stay the way I am.  (This way, in my predicament and frustration and anger and this "rut"…..forever…and ever and ever…etc.).  

Emotional "Outages" - Repressed anger.  Unresolved issues.  Critical.  Judgemental (self/others). Feeling of injustice and wanting revenge for something. Regret Over Past Sadness.  

This is a big deal folks…because this meridian can produce miracles! Yes, that’s right. When I am guided to clear energy from here it is like a graduation of sorts for a client. They have in some way, been working on releasing old stories of pain or heart ache already…but they are just done. I mean they are D.O.N.E.!! Something came along in their life that left a huge impact. And clinging to that old “impact” has kept them from the chance at moving on. They had pain or grief to process and the patterns or ripple effects that caused such a dent…have taken a toll, a big one. It shook their world and caused them to feel bad about themselves. They may even be self-destructive. Or it could just be…they feel like they got hit by a bus and are lost or not grounded or present. They may not even sure what happened!! But something sure did. And that pattern of impact…repeats over and over and over again.

Could be an abandonment issue, it could be a broken trust or betrayal so deep they feel unable to process or understand. It could be abuse or a dysfunctional home life. It could be a divorce. Or a lost loved one. It could be a death of a lost dream. But whatever it is. It is big!

Clearing out these energetic punches one by one and layer by layer that left an impact are the only way to get free. It is the door to transforming old rubbish (crap given to you by life) into a positive fertilizer…for your future. Hard to imagine you can harness something that hurt you and actually come out the other side of it more determined and stronger than before. But you can.

The catch? Oh boy, well it’s a big one. It is letting go of the anger you feel, that life dealt you this blow! It is not fair. It is not just. But it did happen. It did hurt you. And you must accept the pain of that. And forgive yourself. And let go of wanting to see justice over whatever it was that came into your world and stepped all over it. Because it will not really give you what you want anyway. Which is to have you back. The way you were.

If you stay with what other people gave to you. Or life gave to you. Or whatever it is that impacted you. Then how can you be happy? You have to make changes!! Changes that help you grow and go. Or not. Because the choice to grow and change is absolutely a choice. The one you make. By putting your healing first. Above the need for anything else. To love you. And heal you. And restore you from the impacts life may had on you.


And for whatever reason, God gave me this gift to help you clear the mudslides and I LOVE to do this for people. And I do. All the time. Miracles of healing that you just may need help with to clear. I can absolutely help you clear them out. And get your highways clear….and your life back on track. And it may be a different area or meridian inside you that needs some work, but I can and will help you. If you choose to…for you. And are willing to let those boulders go.


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