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Shoes, By Victoria Bourque

Posted on January 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM


When you are comfortable in your shoes you know...and your feet keep growing in a direction you don't... what can happen is that you get stuck in the old shoes.....encased if you will in the familiar and well worn shoes (stories, patterns, painful things or maybe something good that you lost). And the only way to feel better is to remove the shoes. The ones that don't fit you anymore. Now some people have some really swollen feet, no circulation even..and those shoes that once fit them or held on to them so tightly, are now keeping them from MOVING on.

Each step is a painful reminder of the past.

So the job here is to be gentle and take steps as you can. And another idea...is to just untie the laces from whatever it is and get some circulation back!

One way or the other you can and will get where you want to be. You have unlimited resources at your disposal. Perhaps you can't have the life you thought you could and perhaps you can...it could just be the choking of the shoes intefering with your present thoughts that keeps you hobbled (powerless) to your past ones. Those shoes...no offense...are sucking you dry!!

For me, the way out of my shoes...was asking God/The Universe.....to help me. My feet really hurt for a while there and I just sat down and stopped walking. And through this process of contemplation...healing and personal growth...I am foot loose and fancy free. And walking barefoot for a while. un-encumbered by those restrictive laces and clunky heels that I thought were mine to own forever!!!!

I got my wings (power) back and in this process....left those old shoes behind.

I hope that you can adjust your perspective for whatever issues weigh you down still or tie you up in knots....or you are just worrying about and decide to untie the laces. Don't worry how it looks to anyone else...what you have on your feet either.  Scrappy shoes...barefoot, stiletto's.....nobody can judge you better than you...so be nice.  And you are not here to be something for anyone else but you really....

Once you accept the fact that there are wonderful helpers of all kinds out there in the universe who want you to fly again....you can and will do so. It is the ultimate goal you know. To see the light and be in it again.  Just setting that intention changes things.

If it helps you to know ...I have been to  dark places and shadow worlds enveloped me like tight shoes...for a while there....and then the coming back, the giving back of my wings (power) I knew were mine to have.  The light does just that.   And because of these experiences of coming back I can help you come back too.  

Things take from us...people hurt us, or leave us.  Things happen.  But those shoes on your feet squeezing or blistering or hurting you just are not worthy of you keeping and you can't get far with them on.

Fly on now.... You can. Sans shoes.

Love, Vicky

PS As you know or may not know... I am able to help if you need assistance with your shoes and untying  them...and THAT is why I AM HERE!!


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