What are your True

Soul Intentions?

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Posted on September 3, 2015 at 7:40 AM



Pedophile...crocodile.....really the same thing.


Swim around, swim around a helpless human being.


Waiting for the chance to strike, an evil ugly smile....you drag your victim under and hold them for a while....


Till they can't breathe.


Release and catch, release and catch....a game it is you play. Your sickness is revolting...in every single way.


You swim beneath the water's edge and creep around the shore....you pluck a tasty morsel and come on back for more.


The only ones who know you're there are too afraid to tell. They are forced to live with it...lost inside their hell.

Little children broken and shattered by the force... of such a sickening evil inside a human host.



Hoping for some rescue. Really, can't you see??

Don't you see that crocodile swimming after me?


But nobody does....nobody does.

Soul Intentions Healing Remedies

Don’t You Worry About a Thing!– Amethyst

If you have been traumatized, hurt or upset over something in your past, this is the essence will help! It helps alleviate sadness, fear and anxiety, and helps you come to terms with the past. Anxiety itself is the fear of the past repeating and why you sub-consciously keep trying to repress the memories and control the outcome. And this keeps you awake at night! It calms the overactive mind and is a natural tranquilizer promoting serenity. It helps pull you together and helps you stay focused and calm. It helps you see solutions you may not have been able to see before. Fear feeds itself on fear…and the more you think it, the more you see it everywhere you go. Time to see something better than what you may be expecting. It is an excellent stone for protection and guards against psychic attack, transmuting those negative energies into love.



Finding Home – Orange Calcite and Rhodochrosite

The healing qualities of this essence are for those of us who may not know what a true home feels like. To be safe, welcomed and supported from within, without fear, judgment or a price to pay. If you have not experienced this support in life, it is hard for you to manifest what a true home feels like, it is hard to know what it is you are missing as you may have never experienced these things or you may have lost sight of them and need to find your way back. This essence is for returning home to the place inside that remembers peace, completion, safety, unconditional love and acceptance.


A special note on abuse (of any kind). I couldn't write what I write if I didn't know what it is I am talking about. I invite you to consider working with me to give you back all that was taken from you. You so deserve to be happy and at home in your own body; safe, loved, and supported. 


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