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Posted on September 23, 2015 at 7:10 AM

How can Metaphysical Healing Help Me? And What the Heck is it?


It's Just Energy...

We all live here together in this great big universe just being "energy". We are receivers of and transmitters of energy.

The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the angry, the mad, the bitter. Fear, love, joy, lightness and darkness. It's ALL here in life.

You may not see that undercurrent of energy...but you feel it and sense it every minute of the day. And sometimes we don't have the answers ourselves about what the "energy" is. If it's not good, it's heavy and may encompass you and surround you and weigh you down. It can cause you all sorts of distress and creates negative conditions in your life.

What I love about "energy work" is it's not based on opinion, logic or judgement. It's just WHAT IS...without blame or shame. And I remove what needs to go. That's my job!! I LOVE IT.

And here is where YOU can harness the power to change YOU and begin to shift to a higher "transmission" so to speak, a better one, where you win and succeed and have what you want without the past or anything holding you back.

Just knowing something is making you feel unpleasant and that you don't want it anymore is taking "charge" of it. It starts to create a "counter charge" for changing it. Remarkable....but true. So if you are feeling "negative" and can't shake that energy on your own, I will tell you honestly that the power from a POSITIVE force is going to help push that negative energy out.

That is how I heal you. That is what I do!!




Flower Essence made from the baby spider plant with a lot of help from Ganesh!!.

Ganesh (a beautiful hindu elephant diety) is the remover of roadblocks to your progress through the jungle of life...and also a tail to hold onto as he leads you safely out of the underbrush and dark places into your bright future!

Note: Why I choose the baby spider plant versus making the essence from the mother plant. The baby spider plants are attached to the mom. And that's part of the process of course. But the point is to gain independence, not stay co-dependent on anyone or anything. It's about letting go of holding onto....anything that holds you back! It's your life, are you LIVING it?

Expect The Best!! Its all about growth, wisdom and the new you! For leaving the nest of "what was" and familiar. For starting fresh...from today!! Letting go of old conditioning and patterns in place from who knows where. The extremely heavy attachments to "what used to be". For grief or guilt or fear associated with moving through what holds you back. For lack of believing you can do it (around whatever you think can't be done). The past is behind you now...the future is waiting. Don't think the worst...expect the best. Just remember in focusing on loss, the ties that connect us to it can end up choking the very life from you. Great for moving through stages and transitions...from birth, to childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood. For death, birth or re-birth or whatever process you are in right now... that may be causing some unrest for you. It's all good from here and you have done the work on letting go of "holding on" to patterns and old stories. So don't fear the future, embrace it! Cut that cord to the energy of loss that incapacitates you from your "present". Helps with co-dependency and dependency (addictions) on drugs, alcohol, the need for other's approval, or any self-rejecting or life-rejecting patterns that hurt you or limit your growth and keep you stuck on your path. Time to push through all that. It is a long road out of the nest of what used to be....so don't feel bad or be hard on you. Just take one step at a time. If you get stuck, call on GANESH. He is mighty and has great strength to assist you and will guide you lovingly through this great big world until you can find your own way in it. LOVE IT!!

Order on my page...as you know. And better yet....if you feel really "stuck" right now on your path...come and work with me. Ganesh may have led you here for that very reason!!



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