What are your True

Soul Intentions?

Victoria Bourque, Healer, Clairvoyant/Psychic




Posted on September 17, 2015 at 6:45 AM


I pull them out.

You really did a number.

The pins that you stuck in, abusing your own power.  


You put them in.  

A heart so full of malice.

You are the queen of nothing, a dark and empty palace.

Have your kingdom. 

And I will have mine. 


Soul Intentions Healing Essences

Brand New Day!

For coming out of the dark and into the light.

Flower Essence of Easter Lily


Overseen by Archangel Azrael and infused with the crystal healing energies of Selenite, Citrine and Pink Tourmaline. (I also laid down a symbolic crucifix here…for the story of sacrifice and suffering that we all have experience with on some level.)

This essence is for the “world weary” souls who may be feeling a sense they are forgotten or abandoned or unloved. For deep sorrow. For clearing old patterns of persecution or rejection and any lingering demons here. It is for the deceased that need to move on into the light versus staying with the living. It aids in releasing experiences (including lifetimes) where your spirit was wounded to the core. It reconnects you to the “Divine”. It is a “calling home” essence by Archangel Azrael for that which is finished in your life…and a remover of heartache. When we have grief, our hearts may close to prevent more "loss" yet to come. This essence helps open your heart to new possibilities of love and removes fear of it. It resurrects love for the “self” so you find the courage to move on with your life. Remember….change is experiencing something different than what you have known before. Energetic patterns based on old recorded experiences around pain, loss and grief are what need to go, otherwise those patterns and feelings keep re-creating right here in the present. When you know the story behind the patterns of grief in your life, then you can overcome them. Really. This essence is restorative if you are feeling “spiritually, mentally and emotionally tired” and cuts energetic cords to "fear of loss" that are weighing you down. It helps clear your past stories…so the stories you “reproduce” now in the present can be happier ones. Death of the old marks the new in your life and this essence “guides the way” for the new stories to begin.  It is a brand new day! It really is. Have fun! LOVE and LIFE are contagious, share it...share in it. And you can begin again..... You are never too "old" dear soul.....to be happy. And you do deserve it!


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